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Things move pretty fast in the world of events. Check out the latest news, announcements and stories from inside our state-of-the-art conference centre and events complex.

Wedding Buffet

Original Wedding Venues in Berkshire

Discover what makes Reading's Select Car Leasing Stadium the perfect original wedding venue in Berkshire, including exceptional cuisine and our range of luxurious function rooms. 

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The Secret to Perfect Private Dining in Berkshire

Discover top tips for throwing the perfect private dining event in Berkshire, from finding the right capacity venue to excellent facilities and delicious food.

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5 Reasons Reading F.C. is a Great Corporate Event Venue

Discover what makes a great corporate event venue in Reading, including fantastic food, flexible meeting spaces and an unforgettable setting. 

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A 5-step guide to hosting the best Christmas party in Reading

Make this year’s festivities that little bit more unique with this handy guide to hosting a Christmas party in Reading

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Top 5 Tips for a Corporate Private Dining Event in Reading

Throwing a corporate private dining event is an ideal opportunity to impress clients, foster team bonding or celebrate a big company milestone. We've got top tips to help you out.


Is there a perfect calculation for Return on Investment?

The term Return on Investment (ROI), especially in conjunction with an event’s measure of success, isn’t new, however, with the exponential increase in use of digital marketing including social media, the formula is sometimes found lacking.

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Levy UK receive ‘Food for the Brain’ accreditation at Royal Berkshire Conference Centre

Royal Berkshire Conference Centre (RBCC) and official catering partner Levy UK & Ireland have been awarded a ‘Food for the Brain’ catering accreditation for their commitment to nutrition and wellbeing and achieving high standards of nutritional excellence in their food offering. 

Click below to find out more about Food for the Brain and what this recognition means for our guests.
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Royal Berkshire Conference Centre relaunches as Reading FC Conference and Events

Royal Berkshire Conference Centre (RBCC), one of Thames Valley’s premier destinations for private and corporate events, has undergone an exciting rebrand and name change, relaunching as Reading FC Conference and Events to better align the venue brand with its Select Car Leasing Stadium location.

Click below to find out more about the relaunch.

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A would be event planners check-list

If you’re looking to book an event space for the first time, are new to events in general or are an established planner keen to refresh your check-list, then this quick read is just for you.

Conferences and events come in many shapes and sizes and whilst securing a suitable meeting space is high on the list of priorities, how is ‘suitable’ defined? Regardless of the proposed event type, size and budget, the ‘check list’ remains fairly consistent and this short guide is designed to help with planning – a level of attention to detail will help achieve against objectives and avoid last-minute snags.

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Why conference venues should up their game now its 2023

Conference events have evolved in ways we’d never have imagined pre-pandemic and, as such, conference venues must work to keep up. Here’s why.

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Reading FC launches Meetings for Change

Reading FC, catering & events partner Levy UK & Ireland, has launched their ‘Meetings for Change’ day delegate rate (DDR) to make it easy for event organisers to choose sustainable options for their meetings, conferences and events at the stadium.


2019 - A Year of Change

With 2020 in full swing, we’ve decided to reflect back on 2019, a time that saw a positive year of change for Reading FC Conference & Events. We started the year as the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre and ended it with a new name, look, website, and food philosophy!

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