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Why conference venues should up their game now it’s 2023

It’s 2023 and most businesses have (hopefully) gotten over the extreme operational difficulties presented by the pandemic. For conference venues, while last year was all about reconnecting with businesses and in-person events, this year is all about upping their offering to align with rapid changes in technology, growing demand and increasing expectations.

Offering a projector screen and a complimentary tea and coffee station is no longer enough to entice most event organisers, who are looking for venues that promise something different. In this blog post we explore the ways in which the conferencing space has changed, and how conference venues must level up their efforts.

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Video conferencing technology is moving on fast

Just because remote attendees expect to encounter blurry images and out-of-sync conversations, doesn’t mean they accept it anymore. Video conferencing has moved quickly over the last few years, and the market is now seeing tech working harder than ever to ensure remote viewers feel like they’re really in the room. Take video conferencing system ‘Meeting Owl’ that uses a 360° camera and a high-spec mic and speaker to provide an ‘immersive hybrid meeting experience’ – even getting ‘smarter’ over time, thanks to its in-built intelligence system allowing for regular updates.

This means that, to make technology a selling point, conference venues will need to offer more than just plasma TVs, Wi-Fi and a PA system.


From content to collaboration

In an age where the average attention is span is just 8 seconds, content alone isn’t enough to keep conference goers engaged. Instead, people are placing more and more emphasis on interaction during conferences - collaborating on ideas and making authentic connections. As a result, it’s not uncommon for event organisers to be searching for flexible spaces with room for breakout sessions, guest speakers, team training and workshops.


Auditorium-style seating is a thing of the past

With more of an emphasis being placed on collaboration at conference events, venues need to consider how they can facilitate this through their seating arrangements. Rows and rows of seating may still work in a cinema or a university lecture hall, but the days of people attending traditional-style conferences where presentations, guest speakers and Q&A’s make up the main event are dwindling. Event organisers of today demand a flexible seating set-up so attendees can talk, mingle and move around with ease.


PowerPoint presentations are no longer cutting it

With a past study by Forbes finding that PowerPoint was considered no better for viewer experience than verbal presentations with no visual aids, corporate workers are getting frustrated with the app’s limited format and the fact it’s virtually impossible to simultaneously digest a list of bullet points while listening to the speaker. Because of this, many conference speakers are ditching presentation tools for TED Talk-style speeches.  For conference venues, this means a prominent stage or designated area for speakers to stand is an increasingly important criteria to offer conference bookers.


Conference attendees want to be wowed by the venue

As a result of several years of hardship, event spaces are expanding their offering to meet all types of occasions. From castles and museums to boats and stadiums, pretty much any large-scale building these days can be marketed as a conference venue. This means that the venue itself is often considered a selling point – and in some cases, a priority - for many event organisers. As a result, many venues should now consider more than promoting conference capacity and brilliant facilities, but their space’s unique selling points.


A one-of-a-kind conference venue

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