Why, now more than ever, does event tech have a role to play?

As in-person events re-emerge, and in anticipation of delegate numbers increasing in line with government guidelines, event technology solutions are more likely now than previously to have a role to play. From provision of real-time information on the go for organisers and delegates alike, to paperless ticketing solutions, easy to use Q&A and event polling … read on to find out more.

There’s a wealth of solutions on the market, and the list grows daily, procurement and deployment are becoming simpler and, music to our ears, costs are reducing; in some instances, we’re talking free!

Mention mobile event apps to any event professional and the first thought is likely to be one of cost. But there are apps and there are apps; a lot of suppliers now offer a range of inclusions aka pick and mix - why pay for functionality that’s not required, but conversely, can what’s out of the box help to simplify and/or improve the customer experience? Is monetisation through sponsorship an option as this could reduce the size of the outlay and at the same time contribute to a return on investment?

Avoid fragmentation and adopt integration with existing platforms. If you already have a tried and tested ticketing or audience engagement solution for example, then discuss connectivity options at the start of a conversation with an app provider as it’s doubtful that you’ll be asking for anything new.

There are advantages aplenty, especially for those that organise multi, annual events – provision of real-time content at the push of a button, delegate and networking interaction that’s GDPR compliant, ability to run surveys, obtain feedback, activate sponsorship deliverables, secure payment processing and more.

Events can be simple, they can be complex, they can involve multi-venues including accommodation, delegates may be bilingual – you get the gist – hence event management and online registration tools can’t be, and aren’t, a one size fits all. Some off the shelf solutions are available at zero or low cost and prices differ depending on functionality and contractual needs.

From personalised invitations, tailored registration flows, invoicing, payments, tiered pricing and discounts to badging (and barcoding where applicable). Being online they’re available 24/7 and reporting capabilities benefit both the organiser and the delegate.

Whether team building, educating, networking or more …. How valuable is an initial icebreaker? Want to capture sentiment at the beginning and measure shift in perception over the course of the day, run a poll to encourage all present to be involved in the decision-making process, create word clouds from content contributed during the conference or event and allow everyone to submit questions from any form of device (remove the fear by offering up anonymity). On top of that, everything entered at the front end is accessible and reportable back end. Enter the world of a Q&A and polling platform.

With basic packages available at no cost for up to 100 delegates – now’s the time to exit your comfort zone, think outside the box and embrace technology.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

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